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System tray and taskbar management | Wednesday, 17 July 2024
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Tired of wasting your time on installing programs? Charge MultiSet with the job!

MultiSet - automatic program installer

MultiSet - Automatic Software Installer 

Do you want to automate programs installation and have no time to learn how to write the necessary scripts? Do you prefer simple and convenient solutions? Do you want to see the result immediately? Here is something you have been looking for!

MultiSet is a solution to the problem of automatic program installation.

MultiSet has been created to free you from routine work such as program installations. All you have to do is to install the application only once on your PC and MultiSet will record all your actions. By using Multiset, you will not have to write a single line of code or script!

MultiSet will install all the applications you need automatically, either on your original computer or on a new one, it's ideal for rebuilding your systems quickly!


MyTime Assist - intelligent project manager

MyTime Assist

is a easy-to-use project manager. With its help you can easily plan and control your personal affairs as well as business projects.

MyTime Assist has an intuitive tree structure. Each project is displayed as a separate tree of tasks. Tasks have certain parameters by which they can be controlled. Adding tasks is very easy and can be performed even without switching to the main program window.

If the application is resident in the System Tray, then you can access the organizer functions by hotkeys. For instance, you can quickly add a task or open all the tasks for today.

To get more information, take a look at the basic features of the program.

With MyTime Assist you will be able to:
  • have a clear schedule for a day/month/year
  • build up a clear to-do structure
  • have a clear view on your goals

MyTime Assist is supposed to get rid of all the different colorful StickIt notes sticking on the edge of your screen, and all the other similar organizing tools which have become obsolete. Now your plans and tasks will be in a safe place.

For it is a well-known fact that "People who have clear goals reach more in life than those who do not know what they want".


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