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Version 6.2 (February, 2006)

  • fixed some bugs

Version 6.1 (January, 2006)

  • fixed some bugs

Version 6.0 (January, 2006)

  • fixed some bugs
  • add korean language

Version 5.5 (January, 2006)

  • new modern interface
  • fixed some bugs
  • simplified work with program

Version 5.1 (March, 2005)

  • Dutch, Swedish, German, Hungarian, Slovenian, Spanish, Ukrainian languages added
  • native interface support in Windows XP added
  • error with adding program to Teleport fixed
  • error with files 'telcap.cfg' and 'telexe.cfg' fixed
  • added new hotkeys in the manager (F3 – restore window, F4 – minimize window)
  • added new items in the "Options" – "Run manager" dialog box
  • modified the "Options" dialog
  • error with registration dialog fixed
  • added disabling hotkeys
  • added power management (reboot, shutdown, etc.)

Version 5.0 (November, 2004)

  • main window interface has been changed, ergonomics was improved
  • drag&drop function for windows was introduced
  • the number of windows in each area indicator in the main window was introduced
  • new entries in the main menu were introduced to make the access to application options faster
  • ‘Timer’ dialog box and the corresponding menu entry were introduced. Now it’s possible to see directly which windows are using the timer
  • program’s language interface can now be changed 'on the fly'
  • opportunity to specify the type of action for each area when Captain Tray Pro is closed was introduced
  • skin changing option for fly window was introduced
  • hot keys dialog box was integrated into the basic options dialog box
  • certain flaws and bugs were fixed

Version 4.0 (April, 2004)

  • Captain Tray Pro became a single windows command center for Windows
  • main menu and the menu of windows under management appeared
  • added hot keys facility
  • appeared an opportunity to automatically place windows to system tray or hideboard
  • Captain Tray Pro acquired 3 working modes: hidden, system tray or a small window mode
  • transformed help into chm-format
  • appeared an opportunity to change menu style (original, XP)
  • added an opportunity to control options through properties pad
  • Captain Tray Pro became a shareware
  • added language support
  • appeared an opportunity to change headings and window icons
  • added an ability to activate a certain window at an appointed time

Version 3.1 (August, 2003)

  • fixed a bug of icons change under Windows NT, Windows 2000,Windows XP
  • added an ability to view a window info
  • changed the program’s response on clicking an icon 'Captain Tray' with a left-hand button. Now a list of windows is displayed
  • changed the program’s response on clicking an application icon in system tray with a left-hand button. Now the window is either activated or hidden, depending on the current state
  • added a dynamic change of prompt in system tray

Version 3.0 (April,2003)

  • fixed a bug during the closing of console windows
  • added icons to the menu
  • added an ability to lock windows

Version 2.0 (March, 2003)

  • fixed some bugs
  • fixed a bug when closing DOS applications

Version 1.0 beta (December, 2002)

  • experimental version
  • fixed some bugs



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